Help with this bullet strike pattern.

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Jun 14, 2022
I have this recurrent pattern with my 28 Nosler. See photos.
(REM action, Bartlein 26" #3, Banish 30 suppressor, Bell and Carlson stock). The stock has a full length bedding block but is not glass bedded. Shooting HH177 behind RL 33 83g, ADG brass, Fed 215.
The first shot (cold barrel) is down to the left and shots 2&3 are well grouped. I shoot off a lead sled and have never had this before.
Is this likely a bedding issue that glass bedding would remedy?


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Is your recoil lug bedded?
That may help settle down that first shot a lot.
I have skim bedded B&C stocks before. I used Ernie the Gunsmith tutorials for bedding the action at rest. It helped with a step by step process.
What torque are you using on your B&C stock? They recommend 45 in/ lbs. More torque than that and you may be adding stress to the action.
No bedding has been done, the gunsmith said it probably didn't need it. But he would add bedding if it didn't shoot well.
Barrel is 8 twist, scope is 3x15 Leupold VX5HD.
With that much variation it appears the receiver is shifting position.
NW Hunter mentioned the recoil lug.I have taken a sharpie and colored the whole bottom of the recoil lug recess,shoot it a few times or more and see if the wear pattern moves.
Bedding the Recoil Lug is not a big job if you have basic skills.
Edit to mention the above will work if the recoil lug rests on the bottom of the recoil recess,if not you won't see and sharpie being discolored by the moving recoil lug.
I agree that ditching the Lead Sled is a good start. It shouldn't ne necessary to fully bed the action into the stock, but as has been stated, bedding the recoil lug isn't hard.

....and as MagMan asked, how does it do with other loads?
Components cost money ,find another gunsmith,your barrled action is moving in its stock , it needs skim bedding, I've shot off of plenty of leadsleds their fine ,trigger control equals accurate shooting .cheers
I had found an accuracy node with IMR8133 and HH177 but also found ejector marks and it was obviously over pressure limits.
I think I'll check the torque on the action screws (make it 45 in/lbs) first.
Next get the recoil lug bedded. If that doesn't help then try other rec's.
Thanks for the ideas!


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