Help me decide what to do--rifle was stolen now to replace.


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Oct 28, 2009
Magee, MS
well my sandero 7mm ultra mag was stolen last week while I was offshore. SO now I have to replace the rifle. I really loved my sandero... and I like the 7mm ultra mag so I'm probably going to stick w/ this caliber.

BUT what I can't decide is to just buy another sandero and do some stuff to it or should I look into somthing custom... BUT keep in mind I only have about $2500 to work with on the rifle itself, and I'll spend close to that on optics(I really want the Ziess Victory Diavari w/ the illuminated Z1000 reticle..eventhough it says it isnt offered I'm sure it can be gotten)... I kind of have to limit myself to about $5K.

I would LOVE to have the 40X w/ thumbhole stock but THIS IS A HUNTING RIFLE and the site says that its not an option w/ a 7mmRUM.

What ya guys think? Can I get a good customish rifle, preferably stainless for the looks) for around 2000-2500? Keep in mind I'm not gunna be doing any competition shooting. Or should I just get a Sandero and have some work done to it?

btw I have seen a custom rifle w/ carbon fiber barrel(or carbon wrapped whatever it is) w/ skeletonized 700 action in a 270 for 2300.... im just going by that rifle price wise. I want to talk to the guy that built it, but his shop was closed today
How did it get stolen? I know what that feels like. So many low life's in this decadent world. Do you have a guess who could of done it? Holy smokes $2500 for just the rifle ? Man I feel like saying the sky is the limit. Those carbon wrapped Barreled rifles are state of the art tech. Do a search on the web you could buy a complete rifle with a 28" barrel and a muzzle brake and a jewell trigger for that kind of money. They claim barrel life is increased because of heat resistance via the "Carbon wrapping" Numerous options await you.
well I talked to billy this evening. He said he can do me a 7mmRUM w/ a factory action and do the mods he does to them or I could go w/ a stiller(sp?) for about 3-400 more, and he uses shillen barrels and put a break on it, jewel triggers, and an hs stock I can't remember if it was a thumbhole or not but he said he had one at his shop. He said he could do this rifle for about 2K... which after I buy a $1150 sandero and put a trigger job and break on it ya looking @ 1600 right there... so why not go ahead and get the aftermarket barrel and modded action?
Check this web page. wwwABS I hope that works. I just googled Carbon wrapped Rifle Barrels and a few placed popped up. that guy seems awfully high. Plus I heard you really want a cut rifled barrel and I don't think Shilliens are. Kind of cash you have to spend you have the right to be picky.
I built a full custom f class rifle for only $200-300 more than your budget. I would look into a custom action (stiller, BAT, surgeon, lawton). If you ever have to sell the rifle, the action will be worth a lot more than a trued remington. I would think you could spend $1600 on an action, jewell, and regular bottom metal. $400-500 on a barrel and chamber job. A mcmillan with the works shouldn't set up back more than $800-900 with the action bedded properly. A detachable box will add a lot of money. Just my few cents worth. Shop around and talk to some target shooters, they know were to get a good barreling for a little money. Find someone else reasonable and good to do the stock work.
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