Help Building a 6.5 284 tactical rig


Jun 8, 2003
Mission Hills Ca
I want to build a 6.5-284 Probably Krieger barreled, here's the plan. I want to put this rig in a Mcmillan A5 tactical stock using a Remington BDL short action. I have $2200 to build this gun do you guys have any suggestions for me, Barrel length, twist rate, contour etc. I plan on shooting Iron targets at 800 yrds Max. Also anyone know of a action for sale that would do the job, can you give me some pointers please, Best Regards Steve
If I were you having a 6.5-284 built.The guy I would go to would be John Hoover at Accuracy One.(814)684-5322.He is THE MAN when it comes to 6.5's
Had AR Tactical build this 6.5WSM.The barrel is 30" but would go with 28 in the future as it dosnt fit a case and the velosity gain is minimal.What makes this gun work so fine is the antitorque brake,it shoots great off the bipods.The machine work is flawless and turn around time was about a month.
mach 5
what kind of velocities are you getting with this cartridge and what bullet weight are you using.I have a rem.700 sendero in 7mm that I would like to turn into one of these possibly.
Better check into a long action I'd say...My 6.5 x 284 rounds are 3.060 OAL and the short action (BDL...magazine fed) is probably going to be 2.80 max OAL.
sealdoggy: You might check out Precision Arms down in Escondido. They build some cool rifles, and they carry some sweet long distance stuff in their store. Worth a call, and they're not all that far away from you.

I'm planning on building a 6.5x284 in the future, so keep us informed on the progress of your rifle if you get time.

Stop by and say hi if you're ever out at Angeles Shooting Ranges on a Mon., or Wed.. A couple of buddies, and I usually shoot there once a week. This week we'll be there on Wed., about 10:00 or 11:00, and next week on Mon..

Good luck with the project.
Alright you guys thanks for the input Iv'e got it all figured out.
Krieger 28 in barrel 8 twist #10 contour, might go with a #15 Palma contour Though, muzzle brake, Remington 721 BDL long action, if I can ever get a hold of bounty hunter, jewel trigger, Pillar bedded McMillan A5 tactical stock, Harris Bipod. I will post pictures when it's done, looks like 16 weeks
Sealdoggy, you might want to check out Greg Tannel @ Gre-Tan Rifles in Kersey, CO. He builds thousand yard benchrest guns, and has a few records to his credit. He also designs benchrest tooling supplies,and has been quite innovative in this part of the industry, so i've been lead to believe. He advertises in Prec. Shooting mag., or (i think).
First off to do it right it is best to go with a 700 long action due to the fact that the 142gr Sierra's are probably going to be the bullet of choice or one of the other longer bullets and the only way they are going to feed out of the magazine is going to be on a long action.I had McMillan build me a Tactical on a 700 long w/A-4 tactical stock,I found the A-4 to be to big and heavy compared to the A-3.I have a Tactical being finished up at the time,It was built by Mike Bryant ( rifle I did not hold back on I went with every bell and whistle I could think of.
You said you had 2200.00 to spend well that's what I'm paying for my new one you might want to give Mike a call because I'm getting one heck of a rifle for the price I'll list all I had done for 2200.00 then you can shop around but it's hard to beat what Mike can do for 2200.00.
I suplied the action.
Krieger Stainless #17 barrel,8.5-Twist,28"
Fluted(8 Flutes)
Action Trued.
Tubb recoil lu pinned.
Vais Arms Brake.
Barreled action bead blasted.
Mcmillan mold in camo A-3 W/Integral Adj.
Pillar&Glass bedded
Jewell Trigger.
Speed Lock fireing pin.
Badger Ordnance Bolt knob.
All metal finished in OD-green by Birdsong.
Rem700 BDL Kit.
Bolt flutted(except where the shells make contact.

She's going to be sweet I can't wait for it to get here.Good luck on your project.

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