Hello from northern colorado


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Feb 24, 2010

I have been reading on the forums and the articles for some time now. wanting to learn as much as i could before i made my first post. I am a bail bondsman by trade. An avid firearms nut when i have the free time.

I am currently building a 338- 300 ultra(edge) on a savage action and have a million questions. I have ordered a barrel from pac nor and a prairie dog/ tactical stock from kevin at stockade and a few other various items.

one question i have that i cant seem to find on the forums is the chamber length pacnor uses when they ream the barrel any help would be appreciated.

Im trying to figure out oal of the round i will need. That and have never done anything with wildcat reloading.

One more thing i have never posted on any forums. trying to figure out the all the rules. Look forward to learning all that i can. any suggestion are appreciated. thanks in advance


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Dec 23, 2009
LaPine Or.
Glad you joined up. You will probably get alot more eyes on your question if you post it under Rifles bullets barrels & balistics, or under gunsmithing. Not everybody reads the new member page, but some do. Good luck. Sorry I cant help
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