Intro from Northern Colorado


Dec 23, 2009
Northern Colorado
Hi All,

I'm a 41 year old Colorado native currently living in the middle of the Roosevelt national forest (GMU 20) on 5 private acres that we frequently share with black bear, elk, moose (saw first one in this area last spring!), mule deer, turkeys, ermine, cotton tail rabbit, lynx, skunk, coyote, squirrel, etc. Those are just the critters I've seen on the property or immediate area. Unfortunately, every year the day of opening season the animal in question is mysteriously absent...actually GMU 20 is one of the toughest to hunt in Colorado considering the known quantity of deer and elk in the unit. RMNP makes a nice haven for the elk to hide in and being on the front range GMU 20 gets a lot of pressure from the weekend ATV crowds and casual hunters during deer and elk seasons. I always get my archery tags for this unit though as I can spend more time hunting being that I live in the unit. For the rifle seasons I go to the North Park area (Steamboat/Walden) where I occasionally help a family friend and outfitter with his camps. I'd be very interested in meeting folks into backpack hunts or a base camp-spike camp type approach to the wilderness areas in Northern Colorado. Most of my crew are into the drive-in camp and ATV approach (which there is nothing wrong with) but I'd like to wheedle my into a group a bit more adventurous so if anyone has an opening let me know! :rolleyes: Oh yeah..I'm not a big fan of horses (prefer boot leather) but could cope if I had to.

Anyway..I'm ex Army Airborne Infantry (82nd) enlisted; ex Larimer County Search and Rescue, ex Colorado Mtn club climbing and back-country camping instructor, and current husband and father of a wonderful young lady! I learned to shoot on a Winchester Model 62A when I was about 8 and I still have that rifle though I did have to have it re-blued after it sat in storage for several years during my enlistment. I currently fall into the medium range hunter category (up to 500 yrds). I use my Tikka T3 Lite stainless in .308 primarily for deer and elk (even though I own a 30-06) out to 500 and spend a lot of time wandering the forrest with either my bow, 62A, or a pellet rifle for birds and small game. I also love cleaning firearms...nothing quite as relaxing to me as sitting down with the gear and a rifle for some quality bonding time! :)

I'm very interested in extending my reach beyond 500 yds hence my coming here! Sorry for the long into..
Welcome, glad to have you here and thank you for your years of service. Enjoy!!!
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