Hello from M-F Oregon


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Jun 25, 2007
Hello to all the fellow Long Range Hunting family...
I'm just a guy from NE Oregon who loves to hunt and fish...
Thanks Travis
Welcome, glad to have you here. Lots of good folks and lots of good info. Enjoy.
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I n ever had an oppertunity play against ''M-F''. I came back home to Baker for my senior year and only played football. however the day before the game against ''M-F'' i walked into the locker room with a can of Copenhagen still in my pockett. OOPS. Got suspended for that game and 1 more. Coach was ****ed. Hes a good guy tho and did what he was supposed to do.

Do much bird huntin over there on the Columbia? Here its great for duck and goose.
Thats to funny. I had the same thing happen to me but it was during wrestling season...
No i haven't hunted on the river..I really never got a chance to get into duck hunting..
I do alot of upland out here in the wheat land... Do you do much red digger hunting over there?

Ah I remember M-f, we used to beat them. I mean play them in sports. I grew up in baker, and my wife did undergrad in lagrande, currently banished to the Willamette valley for grad school. Oh how I miss the open spaces and Conservatives of eastern Oregon.
Comfisherman, Yes baker was tuff in some things but we never lost to them in wrestling and we beat them a few times in football in my years... I still try to get over there for the Karen Bass softball tourny it's a great cause... I had a few friends from baker that we use to get in trouble with..LOL

Take Care Travis
Im currently in Redmond, wife and I just bought our first house. She had the nervr to tell me she wouldnt live in Eastern Oregon cause there wasnt any people there.... she said it like it was a bad thing. (shes from the valley,... poor girl) So I rescued her from the west side and got to the middle of the state when she said ''Id live here''. Well I hit the skids and bought a house before she changed her mind! I couldnt ever handle the valley. We love Central Or. but id still love to come home to stay someday.

As far as red diggers or grey diggers theyre quite a nuesince between Maupin and The Dalles, but i havent been in Redmond long enough to know. Theres hella' bunnies out towards Brothers tho. Way too fun with a shotgun! I tried with my 22, but after the 3rd miss in a row , my 4 yr old turned to me and said '' We gotta find you some slower rabbits dad''. Well being ''Superdad'' my ego was hurt, and i had to redeem myself, so i grabbed a 12 ga. .....and missed again, but i finaly made the little guy proud of daddy again. Got my rythom and slaughtered bunny-foo-foo and his buddies. Good times.
good morning and welcome so hows muggy frogwater doing?i use to live at stateline down the road from the oaisis
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