Hand Held GPS Q's ???


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Feb 3, 2007
Townsend, Montana.
It's time for me to ugrade my hand help gps. Is there a unit with topo maps that will show where I am in relationship to State and BLM land bounderies? Looking for something that will allow me to know right where I am on a map and show when I am close to private bounderies.

If so, who has the best deal on one.


I personally have the Garmin 60CX and love it. I do wish it was the CSX or even better, the Oregon. I have had zero issues aquiring satelites and maintaning lock, even in the most remote, over head covered, deep canyons I could find.

As far as boundaries are concerned, that depends entirely on your map, not the unit it's self. There are free maps avalable for most GPS units, if you do some searchnig. I know the Garmin software would allow you to add boundaries, if you can't find a map with them already listed. It isn't hard to do either as I have added the unit boundaries for Oregon, so I can know when I wander out of one unit and into another while hunting. Mostly so I am aware of the restrictions on animals I can legaly harvest. Guess I should mention I archery hunt and in Oregon you can hunt the entire state with a bow and a general tag, for the most part.

The maps I found have the boundaries for National Forrest lands already in it, though the BLM/State/Private boundaries are something I have not seen.
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