Hammer time

Jerry Smith

Nov 28, 2019
I was in Montana last week hunting and decided to give the guys at Hammer Bullets a call to see if I could stop by. Steve was on the range working on a clients load for a 7wsm but said he would meet me at the shop. He gave me a great tour and showed me in detail how his cnc lathe worked. He treated two easterners as friends, sold me a couple hundred bullets and in general, was a great host. Many thanks to the guys at Hammer for a great product and tour.
Yep Steve's spent many more hours on the phone with me helping me make better sense out of what I need. More time than it is worth to him in sales I'm sure. Not to mention the most honest guy around. Would not sell me several hundred rounds for my .375 AM because they were not quite right way out in range. He even knew I couldn't shoot that far and still didn't wan to.
Not to mention best hunting bullet I've ever shot. Hands down
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