Hammer bullet suggestions

Pete G

Jul 9, 2019
Wellsville, UT
I have a Remington 700 in 7mm and I am looking to work up some loads. I am looking for recommendations for mule deer and elk at ranges out to 600 yards. My gun has been very accurate with my reloads of 140gr Accubonds but I am looking to go to a heavier bullet for hunting elk.

My problem really stems from two issues.

1. Running low on the 140gr reloads.

2. I bought some factory 168gr ABLR loads and they won't group under a saucer plate at 100 yards. On 2 seperate trips to the range (fall and spring) it has been this way.

I have 2.5lbs of Magpro, Winchester magnum LR primers, and once/twice fired brass. With current reloading supplies being VERY limited I would like to work up a load with the Magpro. I looked at the load data thread and didn't see a Magpro load for the 7mm Rem Mag.

Any help would greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

As of right now I haven't verified my twist rate of my rifle. I will update that info when I check the gun.
I posted this on Hammer's forum too so I can get a broad information base.
I shoot the 143 Hammers in my 7WSM which is ballistically similar to the 7 Rem mag. Top velocity can be achieved with RE26 but lots of other powders will work fine. I recently switched to RE23 for more temperature stability and dropped the velocity back a bit. The 143H should shoot fine in a standard 9 twist.

Use loading data for a similar weight cup & core bullet from any reliable reloading manual. Steve, at Hammer, usually recommends using the Nosler data which is available online. There is also a link on LRH for Hammer bullet data that is a collection of submitted data by shooters here. It will give you a good look at what has worked for others.

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