Hakko Scopes 8x32x56

leslie naylor

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Jan 18, 2004
Hakko scopes and their life time warranty also the back up in the U.K is rubbish.
The scope at 600yds should use 16.5moa from a 100yds zero this one uses 12.5moa
It has 30 clicks 7.5 minutes per revolution.
When speaking to the dealer he offerd every possible excuse not to get involved with the scope.
At £450 not a cheap scope by any means, but as I have found out the guy who sells them also sells AR15s, a friend brought one for £1200 that was crap also.
So is warranty as long as you can see the guy who sold it to you.
Hi Ugashikbob
I sent the scope to hakko Japan the guy said it could take a month.It is now more than a month,have Emailed for up dates on the repairs and no answer.This weekend I was talking to a guy who had a booth at the shotshow in the States reckons hakko make the currant lenses but the scopes are assembled in China.So an old anglo-saxon term comes to mind!
Here was the email contact I used [email protected] and the first name was Yoshi. I was orginally told I would be charged a flat fee of $75 US for the repair but I was never charged anything. I went through several weeks of emails requiring an electronic signatrure allegedly for customs. I was orginally told a month to 6 weeks but it took six months and there were long periods between answers on my emails but it finally got done. Good luck
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