Anyone use or try the Nightforce 8x32x56

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Debating on the new NXS 5.5x22x50 or the 8X32X56 this scope will sit on top of my 6.5-284 tactical stick.
The rifle will be used for 700-1200 yard target shooting, Suggestions please, I'm pretty well stuck on Nightforce, would really apreciate your feedback on the 8x32 vs the 5.5x22. Thanks
I have the 3.5-15x56 and 8-32x56 from NF. In the 32x is great for target shooting, but if you plan on taking it into the field the fact that you need to use the reticle setting @ 22x to get correct ranging adn eventual drop point will change with magnification.

I like high mag, so the 32x is my choice, however, the next NF I buy will be 5.5-22x 56 because it simplifies the ranging(you don't have to look for the right spot on the ring) and 22x is plenty for any hunting you wish to do.
Going with 5.5x22x50, thanks for the replies.
Hey Chris now that the 6.5 is shooting thanks to you guys at GA Precision, she's getting new glass.
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