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May 27, 2002
new orelans, la.
Help, I have a 260 remington that was done by a heavily advertised gunsmith, the action was trued, hart match grade barrel, etc. I am going to have this rifle (remington 700 short action) rebarreled to 308 for informat target work and whitetail deer hunting. What barrel and shith should i contact.Thanks for you reply
Does it not shoot well now ?
the 260 is a great long range round probably equal to the 308 if not a little better if you reload. Why the change?

Anyway , The only smiths that I can vouch for by actualy having work done by them is
Darrel Holland and Kevin Rayhill. Both have do great work for me.
Now I have seen a few rifle built by barrel makers that shot very well , two were 308's put together by Hart barrels , naturaly wearing a hart barrel and one was by Pac-Nor and it was a 7mmSTW.
I personaly like Hart barrels , never had any trouble with them and they have all shot great , also gos for Pac-Nor and the Pac-nor tubes ar a bit cheaper.
The Mike Rock Barrel with its 5R rifling is suposed to be the bets way to go but I don't have any experiance with them YET , but I do have one on the way.
Chris Mathews who is a board member is also held in very high reguard , especaily in building tactical style rifles.

THeir are a few other smiths on here but I haveen't heard a whole lot about any of them
You need to contact Chris Matthews..

He built mine and it has the Rock 5R .. awesome is an understatement...

Here is a group shot at 505 yards... proof is in the pudding right!?

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