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Mar 2, 2002
Central Minnesota
I have discovered that the cost of the .408 I plan to build will be expensive so I can't make a .30-378 at the same time so I thought that I would get a .308 Win in a Remington rifle. What dia and length barrel should I get for that caliber? I was thinking a 24 or 26". The action is a M 700, I just would like to see what your preferences were as you probably have more knowledge on this round than I do.
For get about the caliber I used above. I have changed it to a .30-06 Springfield for a few reasons and here they are. The first is that I already have a Winchester Model 70 in .30-06. I already have a scopoe in it which should be good for 1000 yards. I also recall when reading book about the snipers' stories during WWII and Vietnam that the .30-06 is effective to about 1500 yards. All I would need it the barrel and the stock. So the questions I have asked for the .308, apply them to the .30-06.
Thanks again
NH,There is a guy at the 1000 yard club in Willimsport that shoot's a 308 in a Sendero (prone) and does quite well.That would be the way I would go if I were buying a stock gun.......SENDERO'S RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That woudl work out almost perfect because my local Galyans has a black Sendero for about $600 with a 26" barrel. The only thing is I would need a scope. I think I will do that.
Ideal bullet weight for a .308......ask a Palma shooter, 155. Ask a Marine, 175. Ask some other guy, 190. Which one is the best? They all are great choices. Neither one is going to hurt your ability to shoot long range, the important thing is to stop talking about all these crazy ideas and go out and shoot a bunch with a .308. You are talking about the .408, then the .338 Lapua, then back to .408, then a .30-378, then .308, .30-06 now .308 again. Get a .308, a bunch of Varget, any of the above mentioned bullets and spend as much time shooting that rifle as you do talking about it and you will do wonders for your longrange know how. After you have worn out your .308, then you will know what you want in a new rifle in addition to your freshly barreled .308 just because they are reasonably cheap to shoot, and not as tempermental as some of the exotics. Its pretty hard to not take a .308, 43.5 gr of Varget in a Federal case with a 175 gr match bullet jumped .010" and not have a gun that shoots .5 MOA at 2700 fps. It will stay supersonic to 1000 no problem. You will learn the effects of wind, mirage and changing light conditions. Keep a good log book of environmental conditions with each long ange shot and start a spreadsheet up that tabulates all the data. Master the .308 and you will be a serious threat at longrange to any steel plate, paper target or crow. JUST GO SHOOTING!!!!!!

I already have a .30-378, but I want a custom one. The problem is that won't happen for awhile because of the .408. I will have you guys at PGW build me one of each. I thought of making a rifle in .30-06 because I already have one. The .338 Lapua was just a question beacause I wanted to know why it was good, I was never thinking on getting one. I'm on a somewhat tight budget and Deer season for me is not that far away, and I wanted another rifle for deer than just the .30-378. I have been thinking of a .308 for a few months but I was debating between that and the .30-06. I will go shooting, but the problem is my dad doesn't like it very much so I have to do most of this myself. I an only get there so often between school and work. I'm just trying to see if the .308 will cost more or less and take less time than the .30-06. It is an alternative for the .30-378. I know I ask too many questions for different things, but I just want to learn.
30.06 is a good ( old but good )cartridge and Sendero a good rifle out of the box accurate enought to practice and with barrel lenght ok for 30.06

I shoot 187 gr Lapua bullet at 1000 yards for practice in one of my BR rifle and that work fine ,190 gr Sierra MK work fine too ( still supersonic ) not too much kick

you can shoot too the Federal Gold Medal factory load if you doesn't want reload in first time or Black Hill ammo too .

as scope a Premier 6.5x20 LR or a 6.5x25 LR with M1 turret ( pretty conversion ) are very good scopes under $1000 plenty of MOA ( enought for 1000/1200 yards ) a set of scope mount Warnes premier ( Weaver ) and a good set of rings ( lapped ) as Leupold QRW or Burris Z rings ( lapped too )so nothing amazing but enought to shoot .

Forget vertical split rings as Warnes or Talley for long range shootinf this is closely impossible to lap these type of rings .

after to have burn your 30.06 barrel you can swicht for a 6.5/06 or a 6.5/284 Norma base 30 inch barrel and reach the 1400/1500 yards with your Sendero .

enjoy long range shooting and enjoy to learn by practice.

Learning is good, you can't ask too many questions. The important thing is to figure out the way to do the most shooting that fits your situation. If money is an issue, shoot the rifles you have. Spend the money on ammo, not new rifles. Try and find like minded people in your area to go out shooting, it is easier to shoot rocks in a field with a spotter. Plus you have the advantage of learning from his shots as well. Shot was two feet left at 900 yards...how much wind did you have on? thats what I figured too...maybe it was the slight direction change from 1 to 2 o'clock.....Can you do any LR Palma type matches F class style? If you can, that is some real good practice, I live for shooting V bulls ( X's ) at 1000 yards in a stiff wind. Where in Minnisota are you? Maybe we can find some LR shooting in North Dakota?? Just searching for ideas. Do you have access to a vehicle or do you go out with your Dad? Good luck, I hope you can do some shooting before all the snow comes.

Dear Nighthawk

If you need a other rifle with not a big quantity of money to spend and you need someting accurate reliable and able to shoot far why not purchase a SAVAGE varmint or tactical in 308 Win 26 inch barrel with the long action ( 110 model ) for less than 450$ ( used/NIB ) you get a good rifle with a stock design able to be use prone ( not pretty rifle sure ) with lot of upgrade/improvment possibility

first is to rebarrel ( with light blue print and recoil lug change ) in any cartridge base on 30.06 case head from 6 NORMA BR to 6.5/284 and even in 30.06 with a good barrel with a good lenght ( up to 28 inch ) you can perhaps try to shoot 1000 yards with 24 inch but that not the best tool to do that .

second : make a bedding

third : to fit an after market trigger

cost of scope mount and optic will be the same on any rifle you can get .

ON 338 LAPUA :
338 Lapua is perhaps not a amazing / terrific wildcat but that a very good cartridge for long range easy to load with plenty of good componenent and good factory match ammo which is not a bad point if you compare to other big calibers.

Good shooting and practice a lot .

The store by me sold the Sendero .308 and I don't want to go all over trying to find one. I will go with a .300 Win Mag. I have shot them many times and recoil doesn't both er me a bit. Recoil doesn't bother me and doesn't effect my shooting. What is a good one for that caliber for less that $800?
with a 308 1-10 twist and trying to shoot 1000 you are going to have to use 175 if you have a 24-26" barrel. That twist will not stabilize the 155 palma bullets. Palma shooters use 1-13 twist with 28 or normally 30 inch barrels. 168 will go subsonic at 900 and at 1000 you will have nice keyholes through the target. The gun's twist and barrel length will drive what bullet you shoot at 1000 in a 308.
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with a 308 1-10 twist and trying to shoot 1000 you are going to have to use 175 if you have a 24-26" barrel. That twist will not stabilize the 155 palma bullets.

I believe it's the other way, isn't it? The 1-10" twist is probably *too* much twist for the 155gr bullets. If anything, they are over-stabilized. I think the end result is the same, though. They probably wouldn't shoot all that well thru a faster twist. I know my VS w/ a 1-12" twist just pukes anything lighter than 168gr that I've tried thus far. 168gr good. 175gr great! 185-190gr... looks like (on paper at least) that the .308 case is running out of poop to drive that heavy of a slug that far

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