Gun for my wife

Someone has to say it.... why does it have to be me...

6.5 Creedmoor... strong enough for a man but made for a woman....

Seriously though, women aren't mythical creatures. What make a good gun for them makes a good gun for us. Only difference is stock fitment, Weatherby Camilla gets good reviews. My wife really liked the fitment of the savage lday hunter stock. And color is only a paint job away.

I know that she ain’t gonna go for the length and weight of a suppressor…..just ain’t happening! I can’t envision her “chopping” 6“ off of her .338 WM for less recoil and a bit quieter.

She doesn’t shoot a great deal from the bench…..that’s what other rifles are for. And, generally very few shots are fired during hunting season…….most often “ one and done” on each animal! memtb
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I’ve found that many women are more opposed to the blast from a brake, than they are to recoil.

From the sounds of it, she’s got some very specific requirements that are going to be tough to compile. I’d hand her a stack of flat-green rifles, tell her to knock herself out and let me know when she needed the scope mounted.

I’ve bought a few “long range rifles” for women in my life. 20” Tikka CTR in .260 or 6.5 Creed is really tough to whoop in that role. Then it’s not too heavy, not too long, doesn’t kick bad, and is threaded for a suppressor (or a loudner)…. you can even take factory stock, and rattle-can it pink.
25-06 Remington

^^^^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^^

This makes plenty of sense! It’s been around a long time, with a bunch of factory ammo available…..well as available as it can be today. It offers high velocities for pretty decent longer range performance while having very mild recoil?

For the hand loader, there are lots of possibilities for brass ….. 280 REM, 30-06, 35 Whelen…..unlike some of the newer “flavor of the month” cartridges! memtb
I love the .25-06, and have put a pile of critters in the dirt with one… it’s probably one of my favorite all-time cartridges.

BUT…. I can see no reason to go .25-06 over the 6.5 Creed/.260 anymore. You can scoot a 6.5-100 grainer pretty good, the 6.5-120/123 class of bullets has far superior BCs to .25-115/120s… and the Creed uses about 15-20% less powder. There’s MORE quality factory ammo available for the Creed, and if you can’t find Creed brass right now then you ain’t looking very hard.
I’m in the same boat, but I’m 99% certain I will build a defiance anti in 6.5 needmoor….. my oldest boy says he will disown me if I build a needmoor but I keep coming back to it being the perfect round for the wife. Not to mention I’ll enjoy shooting paper with it as well😁

I'd listen to your son if I was you, he's a smart one, lol !

My wife went with a 7mm-08 and loves it. I just loaded up some 120 gr HH and it shoots really well. Savage with a McCarbo trigger spring at about 3lbs. Hers does not have the Accutrigger. 3032 fps average and very accurate with very little recoil. It has taken many whitetails but all were under 200 yards with 140 gr Rem factory ammo. The Tikka's and Howa's are probably a better gun though for your price range.