Gun for my wife

Speaking of slings and rifle barrels sticking up, take a look at the Safari sling. It is by far the most comfortable sling I've ever used, and the quickest to get the rifle to shooting position. You just have to be very careful about muzzle control.

I've watched deer and aoudad spook from the shine of rifle barrels from 1/2 mile away.
6.5X55 has a good range of bullets available and has the accuracy and power to go with it.


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Realistically the cartridge matters little.
The most important thing is how the stock fits HER!!!

My wife started shooting rifles with a Rossi R243. She shot it great, often outshooting me.
But she didn't like the break open operation of it. She wanted a bolt action.
Traded the Rossi on a Savage 110FP in 223 Rem.
She likes the low recoil, but she rarely shoots it.
She HATES punching holes in paper! She LOVES shooting steel, or other reactive targets. (Used bowling pins being a favorite also)
She will more often than not grab my Savage 111 in 7mm Rem Mag if going to the range.

My daughter is extremely recoil shy. Enough so that she traded the first gen Weatherby Vangard i bought her in 243 Win on a bow.
The second year she went hunting, she borrowed my Ruger 77 MKII in 257Roberts.
She liked shooting it enough, that i had to build her a custom Mauser to get it back.
Mauser action, receiver trued, bolt face trued, lugs lapped. Receiver drilled & tapped for scope.
Dakota 3 position safety, Timney trigger.
Chambered in 7X57 Mauser.
Kicker is the PURPLE Boyds AT-One stock.
(I'm sure there is a special place in the afterlife for someone putting a purple stock on a Mauser...)
But she loves the rifle and shoots it extremely well.
120gr Ballistic Tips or 140gr Berger VLD for deer.