Gun for my wife

What is her experience level? Has she shot a 308 before? Working fundamentals is difficult when someone develops an immediate flinch due to the shock of recoil. I had an old PSS in .223 that was a great gun for teaching and exposing folks to PR work.
She has a little bit of experience but not a lot. She’s hit a target at 400 with my FN SPR but that’s about the extent of it. She even though that gun kicked and it’s a heavy 308 with a bull barrel
For cartridge, I give the nod to the 6.5 creedmoor. Kills fine, recoil is minimal and its fairly cheap. 708 would be my other choice.
For the rifle, whatever you get, make sure it fits her and build the stock up so her eyeball aligns with the scope. Whichever one she likes is the right one. My daughter uses a Kimber hunter 6.5 cm, and my boy uses a ruger american predator in 6.5 cm. Both have muzzle brakes on them and replacement triggers.
I liked the looks of the Camilla but ended up on those other guns.
Good luck, let is know how it turns out.
Hate to even say it but the 6.5 Creedmoor would be a good bet for low recoil, distance, and ammo availability. 6 CM would work as well and possibly better and even lower recoil. I have two and my young girls can shoot them. Both girls are Setup with Tikka CTRs in 260 rem for when they get older.
I just shot my buddies masterpiece arms in 6 mm Creedmoor and I was completely impressed with the rifles, ability to perform. Also the complete lack of recoil. I was able to keep an eye on my target and spot all my impacts.!
Also about $1000 less than my latest custom rifle build.
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My wife is also “recoil sensitive” also, so she is shooting a Ruger Predator in 6.5 CM with a NF NX8 scope. Scope is the model C-624 4-32X50. Her longest shot at this point is 1267 yards. Highly recommend the Hornady ELD-M 147 GR if you’re going to shoot factory ammo. Shoots well with my reloads as well. Hope this helps.
Here are some numbers.

The tiny .22-.250, fast twist, loaded with the nice pointy 75 ELDM that has a low form factor & good velocity at 3150 ft/sec might also be considered. Reasonably good results over 700 yards.

Screenshot (560).png

And then there is the .22 CM.
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The Camilia in 6.5 creed buy the 120eldm ammo and you will be done. The 120 factory ammo has shot lights out in 5 different creeds for me. 10T 12FV Savage's 700ACC, T3x Tac and a HMR bergera. All of thise are under 1moa with that ammo the 2 savages have shot 10 shot groups under 1/2moa
300yd 3shot below from the ACC 120amax hornady match ammo


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For a long yardage pop gun,any short sixes, dasher,gt,xc etc ,if ya reload,brass availabilty, 6bra the smallest ,she will smile after the shot.barrel last long time.brass along time 6br,lapua brass always in stock,sometimes the only brass in stock in the past.30-31 grains of powder,
For hunting: 7-08
Tweener:25 creedmoor