Gun for my wife


Jan 20, 2023
Looking for a long range gun for my wife to shoot with me. Thinking something around 308 or smaller but I still want her to be able to hit targets at 700+. She doesn’t like recoil at all and she don’t want a gun that’s too heavy. It has to be pink as well but no pink camo. Any suggestions? Something with a good availability when it comes to ammo would be nice as well.
Hate to even say it but the 6.5 Creedmoor would be a good bet for low recoil, distance, and ammo availability. 6 CM would work as well and possibly better and even lower recoil. I have two and my young girls can shoot them. Both girls are Setup with Tikka CTRs in 260 rem for when they get older.
What is her experience level? Has she shot a 308 before? Working fundamentals is difficult when someone develops an immediate flinch due to the shock of recoil. I had an old PSS in .223 that was a great gun for teaching and exposing folks to PR work.
Just ordered a McMillan Rem Classic in 40% pink, 40% grey and 20% black for my daughter. At $1500 perhaps a rattle can stock treatment and a fast twist 223 would do. Grab an SWFA scope and good rings.
Based on your parameters savage Lady hunter in a 7-08 or 6.5 cm and there's plenty of good used glass on this site for under $7-800 Leupold, Burris, Vortex, SWFA etc your on own with the pink, if she's happy with the gun have it cerecoated, if not resale much easier with a standard looks, get something that fits her would be the biggest thing I'm thinking
I’ve been down this path. Spent thousands on guns I thought she’d like. Nope. Settled on the Camilla. Stock feels really strange to me, but she loves it. Have a carbon barrel on the way for it. Went with 7mm-08. That’s my go to for low recoil effective rounds.