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    Mar 25, 2014
    I'm Super New... never even been hunting... well on land... I love freediving & spearfishing. My dive buddy keeps telling me that if i like hunting underwater, then hunting on land is just as much of a blast! Anywho, so yeah.. I have NO experience hunting... grew up in KY shot my pop's guns, 12gauge, pistols 22s and his 45-70.

    Anywho i'm just doing research here to figure out whats what... my buddy is pushing me toward 3006 as it probably covers as many bases as possible... i've read countless threads on this caliber or that caliber.... so i have no idea... haha

    Anyways, I'm a part-time youth pastor in Los Angeles South Bay area who's been stocking $15 a week in a hunting rifle envelop for nearly a year now (as I'm super broke) LOL!!!

    I'm open to any suggestions & thoughts. Been lurking around & would like to formally introduce myself :)


    Glad to be a part of this community!