Gotta get a slug gun for a specific hunting area


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Oct 12, 2009
Heflin, AL
I'd like some help wading through the choices.

I could spend $500 if I had to but I don't want to. The area in question is a Military installation and they are very strict as to what you can use. Shotguns with slug only.

I'm leaning in the direction of the Mossberg slug guns (500 series) but there are so many variables.

Based on what I've read here and other places, twist rate is a concern with some of the choices. Who is offering the best all around twist rate for stabilizing the greatest variety of projectiles.


Check out the Savage 220F. Great long range bolt action 20 Gauge with the accutrigger. Priced below $500 most places for the synthetic stock. I put a bushnell 4200 3x9x40 on it and I'm counting down till next gun season........
I bought a Remington 870 12ga. for law enforcement work. It has a 20" smooth bore so I can shoot buck shot also but it groups about 4" at 100yds with slugs. I love the gun and lots of after market stuff out there if you decide to take it duck or pheasant hunting. I've hunted pheasant with it just the way it is and had no problems. Of course, i added a mag extension that you wouldn't need. It also saved my bacon once in a gun fight and I'll never get rid of it!

Cost was about $250 and usable for all sorts of things.
Go for the 20 ga versus the 12 ga.

The savage 220F is super nice and accurate. $500 or so

The H&R 20 ga slug guns are under $300 and very accurate. Single shots

Encore 20 ga slug single shot $500 I have this one and killed deer at 176 yards.

all above are very capable of sub 2" groups at 100

any pump or auto with removable barrel is normally going to give groups of 3-4" tops most of the time due to barrel receiver sloppiness. some will beat that and some will be way over.

Nikon makes a BDC scope for slugs that works real well out 200 as long as you use a rangefinder.

Slugs to start with:

the 2 3/4s are normally more accurate than the 3 inchers. Plus recoil is a lot lot less.

2 box of cheap win 1oz lead slugs to zero and get on paper. $7 total

Try the Hornady SSTs, Rem sabots, Federal sabots and then Win. One box of several to test 2 shots and see if they will group. Remember, if 2 will not group, 3 will definitely not group. Try to share a box with someone as the sabots run $15-20 a box

The Lightfield series are super good and shoot well in almost all guns.


3 round group at 100 yards target was already up so just aimed for the eye. This guns gonna be tuff to beat
What rounds are you using jarhead84? I ended up sighting mine in with the Federal Barnes tipped 3", but it is dead on with the 3" accutips as well. I know all guns are different but it's nice to know these rounds are so close if you have to switch it won't cost a fortune re-sighting.
those groups were with the 3" barnes tipped. I havent shot the accu-tips yet noone sells them around here in 20ga. im gonna have to order some online, but I def. cant complain about the federals.
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