Good loads for .308win with rl15 and wolf lrm primers?


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Sep 15, 2009
SW MT or noVA

I have been trying to get CCI, Federal, or any large rifle primers for Ray matter for the past month with no luck. They are very hard to get around here, one local store said they couldn't guarantee having any in the next 8months! So I went and bought 600 wolf large rifle magnum primers. I'm using rl15, lc and Winchester brass and 168 mks. Currently I'm seeing Perry decent accuracy from 41.5grains of powder, can I go higher? I have no signs of excess pressure but I'm new to reloading and can only see the obvious ones like flattened primer or sticky bolt lift. I read that because magnum primers have hotter ignition you need to load slightly less powder. My manual states the max for a 168grain jacketed bullet at 42.8 grains with a normal large rifle primer. I'd also love if anyone could share their reciepe for a good long range load with 175bergers or mks.

whats up Oliver.sent ya pm and e-mail.if you didn't get them just let me me I'm to good at typeing alot of stuff.rather just tel ya.gun)
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