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    Nov 1, 2007
    Just wanted to share with the forum that yesterday I received a huge suprise when the UPS man came to the door. To back up lets start by saying during a deer hunt in West Alabama a good friend of mine SSG Branden Green with the Army Marksmanship Unit and I sat talking in a deer stand about taking a Remington LA rifle I had and turning it into a great LR rig. I handed him my rifle and said I would like something in line with the 7saum he let me shoot that weekend. He said he would take the action to John Whidden in south GA as that where many of his rifles are built. Well several weeks go by and then I get a call from Green and said he and Whidden had talked and they decided to build up a 7saum using my action. They knew I was wanting to use this rifle for hunting as I don't shoot in competition or matches. I had told Green about my DIY Idaho hunt and scoring on an elk but getting skunked by the elusive mule deer.
    Well now i've been on the search for 7saum reloading components and to read up on LR hunting and western game. I started looking on the classifieds here and noticed a post by a gentleman that had 7saum brass for sale. I replied and after a few pm's I sent off a check. What arrived was nothing that I had ever expected. The box that arrived was much heavier than 93 pieces of brass. My daughter and I opened it up and notice alot more brass than 93 pieces. There were loading dies, and boxes of bullets to load into the brass! Then the shocker was a nice letter where he explained he did some research on me ( scary google thought) and he thanked me for my military service. Taped to the bottom of the letter was my check I had mailed to him, ripped into little pieces. My daugther asked why someone would do that and I tried to explain to her that there are really good people out there. I consider myself lucky in that I have gained a new friend here on this forum, but then again everyone has always cordial. I look forward to working up some loads and then again getting back out west to try and finally go after one of my bucket list animals ( big mule deer). I spend 2 days a week with my physical therapist getting my new leg device ready for the riggers up climbing rough terrain to get one so i'm highly motivated! I also enjoy reading everyones stories and discussions on this board.
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    sounds like ur a good guy I believe that the good u do comes back to u also the bad can come back thank u for ur sacrifices u and other soldiers are the reason we can practice our 2nd amendment

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    Good story! Thanks to both of you for sharing it.
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    Thank you for sharing and thank you for your service