Getting the Hang of Calling Coyotes.


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Feb 3, 2007
Townsend, Montana.
Thanks "Sendero_Man" the coaching you gave me a while back is paying off. Used several of the pointers you gave me to get this ole dog. Here is the story.

Pretty much a full moon so I set up for this stand about 2:00 in the afternoon. I was calling from the bottom of this draw and hoping to pull one down from above in some heavy draws. I used the "Lightning Jack" distress on my FoxPro Fury and then waited a fewminutes and used a "Coyote Pup" distress. Then a "Dying Jack". This ole boy was coming in from above kinda behind me looking across the draw where I had the call. He even let out a "War Whoop" as he was coming in before I saw him and like to scare the bejesus out of me. But I was still able to get the NXS on him and took him at 31 yards with my Weatherby Super Varmint Master in 22-250. The 55 gr Berger flat base did the trick. I gave him the full "Glamor Shot" session, figured it was the least I could do.

Exciting stuff!! I appreciate the Help.

Jeff gun)gun)



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Good Times there!! Gonna get started over here this weekend. Full moon coming on and snow on the ground! Congrats!!
Enjoyed the pictures, they are very nice, I liked the coyote sequence. Very nice rifle you have there.
Once you become confident with the set-up your numbers will go way up.

I fully camo all my rifles so that there are no glints of sunlight reflecting off my rifle ,after seeing deer hunters walking around with their shiny rifles i realised something had to be done.
I could spot the reflection off of some hunters rifles from 6-800yds away.
Good job of calling and keep them coming.
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