Getting a new 300 wsm, but which one


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Jun 5, 2007
S.W. Colorado
I am going to be buying a new rifle in 300 wsm, but i am having a little bit of difficulty in choosing which one. First is a new winchester model 70 sporter, but i have heard that they are not as good as they were, second is the savage model 116 bearhunter which has the accustock, accutrigger and a muzzlebrake. I own a couple of savages but they are all 22 caliber's. And finally is a tikka t3 lite, now i haven't had any dealings with a tikka at all. So if any of you guy's have any input that would lead me in the right direction, i would greatly appreciate it. Oh i almost forgot another, possibly a browning. Thank's in advance for the advice
I have the Tikka T3 lite 300WSM

I love how lite it is. Shoots Win 180 gr premium ammo better than 1" at 200 yards.

Have a picatiny rail w/leupold VX3 3.5-10

I did change stock to a B&C medalist.
if its going to be a gun to beat on, then the tikka (they are just tough and accurate).

If its a gun to enjoy for years, hands down the M70. The new FN models are as good as the pre 64's.
I don't know where you got your information, but the new Win M70 is a great American made rifle. I have an Extreme Weather 300 WSM that shoots fantastic. In fact, I had it out popping milk jugs with my Berger 210 load at 650 yards last Friday.

The Win M70 offers the reloader benefits that other manufacturers don't. Most notably, a medium length action that allows you to run an OAL out to the lands and maintain mag function. For instance, in an M70 WSM action I can run an OAL of 3.015 and still maintain mag function. Others limit your OAL to around 2.865
I have two Tikka T3 Lites in 300WSM and both shoot fantastic, I destroyed the factory stock on the wife's gun ( ATV and thick woods and eyes off trail..long story) and it now has a B&C Medalist stock on it, a bit of skim bedding and it shoots 1/2" at 100 yards with Barnes 180 gr MRX bullets as does my son's factory original Tikka.. both rifles have taken several nice bull moose in the last few years..

Brentc is correct about (Others limit your OAL to around 2.865) anything much longer than that will cause your cartridges to bind up and jam in the detachable magazine of the Tikka 300 WSM,
I'm sure a gunsmith can correct that and you can use 300 Win Mag detachable mags as they are not blocked off at the rear of the mag like the WSM's are.
The Tikka T3 Lite 300 WSM magazine measures 2.91" but that won't get you anywhere close to the lands. When shooting 180 gr Sierra Matchkings loaded to an OAL of 2.90 I'm still jumping them a whopping .170"

But the accuracy is very good so I don't worry about it.
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