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Oct 25, 2001
Altus, OK
I made the offer a couple months ago and you fellers are missing out, as no one took me up on the offer again.




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Say when and where for next year and I'll be there... I finally finished my tour of duty with my Nat'l Guard unit and can finally commit to dates and stuff without the fear of being called back to service....My .300 Tomahawk is itching for some action...
Hey, I'm new to the forum and didn't see your first message. Good buck btw, I will be going to texas next christmas and plan on using a .270 weatherby, I want a deer and will also try and get a turkey or goat. The ranch is west of Dallas, where do you hunt??
Mine is in Rocksprings, TX. About 70 miles east of Del Rio. What ranch are you going to? I have deer and more **** turkey than we want. I just can't can't get any folks to hunt them (even for free).

On a different thought, I think hunters are a dying breed though. I hear everyone complain about the cost of hunting in Texas, or anywhere else for that matter, yet people don't really want to hunt as much as they want to make excuses or complain. I have made the above offer two years in a row now on two different message boards and had a few people make contact initially and even a few phone calls, only to never be heard from again. Are people that paranoid about the internet, or do people just want something to complain about?

Who knows, oh well, hope everyone is having a good deer season.

Unfortunately, I'm still a university student, but if your offer is still valid in a couple years, I'll be glad to get in touch. I think people's fear of the net is the main reason you've had no takers....getting my dad to call a south african ranch I found on the net is like asking to him to hand out the credit cards....BTW do you manage the ranch for trophies, or is it a cattle ranch that you shoot on sometimes? What calibre did you use on that deer? I plan on using a .270 weatherby when I go, (my dad went this year, but passed on a bunch of 6-8 pointers and ended up with a turkey (185yrds))
There were no real terms, just if the're any chores today that you help out. If not we'll sit on the porch and think about doin' the chores.

338 lapua

How long does the offer last for? I got a sister in Wichita Falls and should go see her sometime just need an excuse!!!!!!
Neve seen the earlier offer. If I'm down that way, I'll show up on your door step! Ain't scared of no chores neither! Quite the long drive for me though.
jim check your email. if you serious and dont mind then me and a buddy or two (depending on how many people you want to hunt) might drive up when we finish classes.

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