Texas hog hunt


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Nov 29, 2011
Salmon, ID
Hey y'all, getting ready for a Texas hog hunt today. Got to the ranch and had to check zero on my rifle. This is the first time I had shot the rifle with factory ammo.

A small prelude. I've been away from home/my reloading bench for several months for work. I brought my rifle with just in case an impromptu hunt presented itself. My brother and I decided to book a spur of the moment hunt about 100 miles south of San Antonio.

The rifle is a 700 built by Snowy Mt Rifle Co in Missoula MT. It's wearing an 8 twist krieger varmint contour. Load was Hornady superformance 129 sst. Just a 100 yard 3 shot group to check zero. The rifle still impresses me. This was off a bipod and a pillow as a rear bag. Far from my normal test conditions. Note that I used a piece of electrical tape as an aiming point but had to peel if off for the pic.

Forgot to mention it's a 260 remington.


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