FN Barrel availibility for loose 308. PBR action

no cigar

Dec 7, 2009
I'm curious about assembling an FN 308 PBR from the Action-Stock deal going on at CDNN. With tax etc. I can get an action and Hogue stock for under $450, and the only thing I'm clueless about is the barrel. I would like either a 24" or 26" heavy and fluted like the retail PBR.

I'm still searching for a good 308 rifle to make my primary hunting gun (giving dad back his prized 25-06), and I'm seriously looking into just having this one put together (I see FNs now going for over $900)...

Thanks for the help!
Depending on what exactly you are looking for, I might be interested in selling my take off barrel from my CDNN barreled action purchased. It's the 24", fluted SPR (lighter weight) barrel, unfired.
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