flash holes off center and when to discard them


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Jun 27, 2010
hi guys, i just bought a bag of 50 win brass for my 7 rem. about 20 of them have flash holes off center and 5 of those that will be tossed due to bad necks. just wondering if i am being to picky about the holes being a little off? and a little off means noticeable at first glance.

I had some .243 brass a few years back (Remington) that had the holes WAY off center... I put them in a box and set them aside... then a friend of mine wanted some .243 loads to groundhog hunt with... I loaded those with 41.5 grains of Varget and some 70 grain Speer TNT's...

He sent me a target photo of a dime sized 5 shot group at 100 yards... he bragged and bragged about those loads.

Fortunately, he hasn't asked me to reload them yet, as I'm not sure if the decapper would be able to hit that hole. :eek:

Ok thanks a lot guys. One other thing i noticed is the necks are way thinner than my norma brass. My chamber has a .316 neck, loaded norma is .313, and the win measures .309. So another question, am i working the brass to much with a fl sizer bumping the shoulder? I dont have a bushing small enough for this brass!
Ya i usually dont bump until it needs but since i dont have bushings for my nk sizer i was thinking of using my fl sizer. When i do bump its usually with a redding body die.
You could always let Winchester know. They have been known to replace a few bad pieces with a whole brand new bag.
Ya i was thinking of going back to bass pro and seeing if they will hand out another one. Im goin to head in today to buy some more bushings. Brent do you think with neck sizing its still over working sizing down that much each time? Ive heard and read 3-4 thou clearance is preffered.
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