First true LR shooting


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Oct 7, 2003
Lizton, IN
I usually mine the board for info to tuck away for future use, since my longest-range gun is a muzzleloader I'm setting up for 400 yards. But this weekend we got out with a Remington 700 VS .308 and I got to do some real shooting "out there".
Our targets were just 3 inch balloons taped to posts which we positioned at 408 and 501 yards. We didn't go further as it was windy and shifting.
The gun's owner shot first, correcting for drop and wind with the first two shots before barely missing the third and connecting on the fourth. Pretty good, considering we were just shooting off bales in the raised back of an old barn. I wasted 4-5 shots shooting just off the balloon before deciding the wind had changed, so I adjusted a click and connected.
Then we moved to 500. A 3-inch target is SMALL at that range with a 10-power Super Sniper scope! My buddy connected in about 7-8 shots, then I did as well. The wind was really playing with us at that range; we later saw holes in the post only an inch from the balloons.
I wish we'd had a paper behind to see exactly where things were going; from the looks of it, we would have been virtually 100% on deer-sized vitals. It was a fun time, can't wait to get a setup of my own.
there is something special about sending a bullet out there... the crack of the rifle, the whizz of the bullet, the silence, then the report coming back of the hit... i love it, and miss it already - and i was just practicing yesterday!

sounds like ya had a little fun, and made a good shoot of it...
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