First time long range shooting. let me know


Feb 7, 2009
First time today, sighted my gun in at 500 yds. Was wondering if It is about right my placements. I'm posting pics below. My gun is a stock browning a-5 , shooting federal 130gr. ballistic tips. Got me a scope that works so much better than my old one Nikon Irt laser. But anyway let me know what you think for beginner.
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DUKESTER1, looks to me to be about 4-5 inches center to center, if so that's about 1moa at 500yards. That's a pretty good beginning.
Think thats about right , about 4 " just need to hit the orange dot and I will be happy. Need to save the rest of those expensive bullets for the deer.
What would be normal at this distance. Group wise, should I be able to hit the red every time, I bought the bi-pod yesterday because I couldn't keep the gun steady enough with a prop on the ground. Really has helped me out, didn't realize what I was missing, sure makes a difference after 200yds. Any thing else I may need, would appreciate any advise.
I'm assuming by your comment on the cost of ammo that you don't reload. I suggest that you start saving for a reloader. RCBS's Rockchucker makes a greater starter kit. It has everything you need to get going. Not only will it reduce your cost to shoot - it will also allow you to find the best load for your rifle - its easy to do and it is a heck of a lot of fun. Any questions on reloading just start a thread - there are a lot of guys with a lot of info on this site to help you.
Yes, thanks, was going to this year but will be moving to new house and didn't need one more thing to tackle at the moment. looked into rcbs and its the way I will go. Hopefully after the season is over I will get into it. I still have a box of the $2.75 ea. bullets left. That's 20 deer before I need to reload.
Theres lots you can do. Practice is key but have you done much work on your gun or load developement. Most guns will do better when accurized. Many of the sponsor gunsmiths on this site offer accurizing packages. Check out Kevin Crams website (Monour County Rifles), he offers some good packages that you can atleast compare for your area. Make sure your load developement is the best it can be. The tighter your groups are, naturally the better it will shoot. Chronograph your loads and do a search on standard deviation (SD). Many other things that other members can chime in on but this can get you started.
looks like you're doing great! you're results should encourage you alot more than my first longer range shots. Wish I could have started doing that well. Good job and good luck in the future.
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