First time Doggin It!



Just got back from Wyoming form a mulie and lope hunt....It was great!

Butr when the Guide turned me onto prairie dogs for a little fun....OH MAN!!!!

It was Awesome!

I was shooting them with my 7STW. Not exactly a P-Dog gun but it was all I had!
Those bastards do flips!

Next Year a new 22-250 for me! I'm hooked
How did you do on the big game??
Wyoming is an awesome place, just wish I could find a way to make a living there

Obsessed, I didn't do as well as I would have liked to on my mulie, but My lope was great. Nothing too long range, Mulie at 216 and lope at, uh, well, uh....I'm ashamed to admit....48 Yards.

Mulie was a decent 4x4 but Lope is beautiful.

Have pics if someone can post them for me.

I also have a flying p-dog video if anyone wants.
Sounds like another deer hunter going to the dogs
Thats how it started for me,shot dogs waiting for a parner to fill a tag and shot a few dogs while we where scouting.I havent ben Mulie or loper hunting in years!The tags cost too much and good areas are a long draw but prairie dogs are everywhere west of the Missorri and east of the Rockies.Can do 5 trips prairie doggin for the cost of one Deer hunt.
Just got back from trip#5 for the year.Took the 50BMG(shot 5rounds),6.5WSM(50rounds) ,223AR(300 rounds) and a 22lr(650rounds).My parner on this trip is into 22s and aint much of a spotter so the longrange shots where limited...unless 255yards is concidered long range with a 22lr.
Its a target rich enviorment and teaching them to fly is a blast.The pic is not very clear but you get the idea.
John M.

Just returned from a Mule and Antelope hunt in Wyoming myself. Your experience was identical to mine. Got a Antelope in the morningand Mulie in the afternoon. Then Shot up 2 Prarie Dog towns. But i used a 22-250 and it was great fun!
Question, why are you ashamed that you got within 48yds of an animal that has survived to that age off of being able to avoid predators? Good stalk! Whether accidental or not you got your kill.
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