First time at 500

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  1. kingzero

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    May 27, 2013
    Finally got a chance to check dope out to 500 the other day. Found a place to set up and it ended up being 515 yards. The plan was to guess on my velocity, shoot a group and make a correction based on that group.

    I put 2800fps in shooter and it told me 8.2 minutes. To my surprise, my 3 shots were spot on for elevation but the wind was blowing pretty good so they were 15-18" to the left. I dialed 3 minutes of wind and was going to shoot another group at the wood target but decided to go right to the steel.

    First shot connected but the right side D ring let loose and the plate hung at an angle. It was still facing me so I sent another 4 rounds. I was hoping for atleast MOA but the wind was gusting and I think I rushed myself out of excitement.

    After the 5 shots I let the rifle cool and ranged a football sized white rock on a hill side @ 460. I dialed what shooter said and hit about 3" right......the second shot hit dead center. I ranged another rock @ 415 and center punched it first try.

    This pic is from the targets looking back to where I was shooting from. There is a small sliver of brown in the center to the left of the road. I shot from there prone in the bed of my truck.


    This was how the target looked after the D ring let loose.



    Rifle is a 260 on a Savage action and I was shooting 120gr Barnes TTSX.
  2. BrentM

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    Jan 10, 2013
    Nice work.
  3. lightflight

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    Mar 29, 2012
    nice shooting. I plan on re-barreling my savage with a 260rem barrel.
  4. birddog67

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    Jan 26, 2011
    Nice shooting !
  5. bamahuntnfool

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    Oct 9, 2013
    Congrats! Nice shooting.
  6. 7MAGNUM

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    Sep 29, 2013
    Just got my first 260 pretty jacked settled on 4831sc now just have settle on a bullet