First build


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Jan 14, 2009
Alright guys, putting together my first "real" build and need some advise. I've always wanted a thumbhole stock but I live in the Deep South and not many folks around here know what a manners or mcm stock is. I am using my 7mag sendero action for this build and want to semi true the action and replace the barrel. I have a fluted sendero obermeyer 1/10 30 cal barrel on the way. However I can't decide between the manners t5 or the mcm lazzeroni. This gun will be used mainly for hunting but also for target shooting g as well. My action is a long action with factory hp, but can i do a 300 wsm or would I be restricted to 300 wm?


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Dec 23, 2009
LaPine Or.
Just have your smith work the rails, bottom metal& follower, & open up the bolt face some, maybe some extractor work, & bolt stop.
Had my long action Win-70, 30-06 turned into a 300WSM & couldn't be happier with the performance. Had it throated for 200gr Accubonds but I'm flingin 180's over RL-17 @ 3100+ into little bitty groups, so for now that's what I'm stickin with.


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