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    Jan 31, 2013
    Me and my friend have done countless searching for a long range rifle. We want to learn how to shoot out to 800-1000yds. we came up with these rifles

    Ruger American Rifle

    Savage 11 hunter xp

    savage 111 trophy hunter xp

    savage 116 trophy hunter xp

    weatherby vanguard s2

    He is dead set on a 300 win. I told him its a barrel burner and he should go with a .308. He said the .308 would be harder to shoot at 1000 than the 300 win.

    I know we need to upgrade the glass at least.

    What twist rate do you suggest we use? weatherby has a 1:12 on the .308

    also barrel length i told him 24 is the min to get that far.

    We are using for both paper and hunting

    any suggestion would be appreciated!
    were both mall ninjas when it comes to bolts. he wants tacti cool lol
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