my first bolt action rifle came home

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    Feb 5, 2012
    i bought it (a rem 700 classic in 6mm) used in 1978 right after i got out of the service. I used it exclusively to hunt deer with for about 5 years. by then i had accumulated a few more bolt guns and gave it to dad to retire his old 3030. He used it for about 10 years and when he retired from work i bought him his dream gun a blr in 308. He then gave it back and it was used as kind of the camp gun and about everyone in the family killed deer with it. One nephew was really in love with it and i gave it to him. He used it for about another 5 years and this year at camp he came up to me and told me he bought a new gun and didnt think hed use the old 6mm anymore. I had to about choke when he told me he bought a 270 savage axis. I wouldnt take 4 of them in trade for that old classic. I told him not to sell it unless he gave me a chance at it first. He had to go back home to work a couple days and when he returned he gave me the gun and 5 boxes of corelock ammo and said he didnt pay anything for it and couldnt charge me a dime. So its back home. I have to get a good scope for it after christmas and maybe shoot a few deer with it next year for old times sake.
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    Oct 8, 2009
    Thats awesome, with a history like that all in your family, its definitely a keeper!
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    Dec 12, 2011
    Great story, and a big +1 on the above. Not getting down on his new rifle, but the newer entry level guns from all the manufacturers lack the "character", not to mention the history, or the older ones!

    Enjoy your new old rifle!