Finishing touches....picture heavy


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Jul 24, 2011
Well i got home from drilling beans in our food plots this afternoon and FedEx had left me a gift on the front porch. My Scope finally. So i rushed downstairs and got the rifle chucked up in the vise and started the mounting process. Once i got the pictures loaded up on the computer i noticed i need to move my back rings up on slot to make them even, but o well.
BluePrint Rem. 700 LA
27" 1:8 twist Benchmark barrel Light Palma contour deep flutes
Leupold VX3 4.5-14x50mmLR SF with M1's
Badger Ordinance Rings and 20MOA ramp
Shilen Trigger set to 18OZ.
McMillan A3 quick clip bottom metal
Jlock replaced and high speed titanium firing pin
Badger bolt handle and Black Ice coating on bolt
Triad Tactical pack
Multi Camo done by Jeff Wampler owner of Midwest Hydrographics








sorry for bad pictures but i used my cell phone
the camo is applied with a water process and dipping of the gun. I have used jeff Wampler and MidwestHydrographics for over 5 years now. The ultimate test was on a SBEII i had dipped in Bottoms land camo. It never once chipped or scratched in the duck blind....he lives just down the road from me, so needless to say everything i own is camo
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