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  • Hi I have a custom 280 I'd be interested in trading. My contact info is 210-837-6742. George
    Dear Yotehunter,
    I see that you have a nice tikka rifle in 243 winchester, I also use 243 in a old Beretta/Sako rifle from the '80s for deer hunting and I am very happy shooting 95 grain ballistic tips at 3130 fps.
    I would like though to buy another 243 for more intense use with faster bullets and it looks like you found a very accurate setup!
    Could I ask you your load and any modifications you did to the rifle? (pillar bedding, barrel change ecc...)

    Thank you!

    Federico Gorio

    p.s. I also recently bought a sako 75 s/s in 300 wsm and it is a great shooter with 185 vlds and imr 4350 powder (even though I think it would be a little overkill for yotes)
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