Finished Painting!!!!!


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Apr 24, 2009
Pocatello, ID
I am finally done. It is rough around the edges but it is my first stock. It looks a ton better that the origional grey stock.


This is what my stock is going to look like. I know what to do now to make it look awesome. I am going put another coat of paint and make all look solid. Not to bad though for my first time I think.

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did you follow the instructions posted here on LRH? I am working up the nerve to try to do mine but am not sure yet if i really want to do it:rolleyes:.
Yes sir, I did. It is not as hard as I thought that it would have been. I just got excited and unpatient and now I have to start over with my base coat. Last night I bought some painter tape and taped the whole gun. I then took a stencil knife and cutted the pattern that I wanted out of the tape. This go around I am going to be paitaient and let everything dry real well before I cut my patterns out. It will look good

well i dont want to steal your thread so i will start another one but i will say thanks for the motivation to help me go ahead and paint mine. If you want to see it go to the thread titled 300WSM stock.
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