Fierce firearms action question


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Oct 15, 2010
Great State of Michigan
have the opportunity to pick up a used action from a fierce. These look like a Sako knock off. Anyone know what footprint these are and what the tenon specs are?
The foot print might be important if you're looking for a "drop-in" stock, but the tenon thread shouldn't be of major concern unless you are looking to re-barrel to a cartridge with a large diameter, like the .338L (just as an example). Then best bets are for the bolt to be .75, also. Call Fierce! They have the answers you seek!
Fierce is 70 degree bolt throw, sako is 60° -- so they arent exact clones, but I think they are similar

I just googled it and found an article that said that fierce actions are designed by fierce but based off a sako 85 action including the use of a sako 85 recoil lug

The article did not say they were the exact same footprint though
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