Favorite uncommon calibers

I have 9x21, 9x23, 9x25 Dillon, and 400 Corbon.....I just don't consider them very odd ball.
I also forgot to mention 9mm Super/38 Casull. I have one of those too.

Is a 38 Casull
I have a Ruger 77 MKII in 257 Roberts, and a Savage 111 that I rebarreled (after reaming the chamber) in 257 Roberts AI.

Brass for both rifles is PPU (PVRI Partizan) 7X57 Mauser.
Simple run through a 257 Roberts full length sizing die. Load and shoot.

Looking at the list presented, my oddball/obsolete seem fairly mainstream.

250 Savage
257 Roberts
257 Roberts AI
257 Weatherby Magnum
7X57 Mauser
280 Rem
284 Win (hunting rifle, not match)
7mm Weatherby Magnum
30 Carbine
Do you by chance have some favourite bore diameters? 🥴
I still love shooting Marlin's attempt at a 308 win in a lever action. The 308 Marlin Express. Just about every huntin buddy and family member has killed a buck, pig or bear with this thing. It's a pretty sweet rig! Accurate and hits pretty hard. I've killed a hog at 430 yds and a big blacktail at 380 yds. Not bad for a lever action.


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My first centerfire rifle was a partly Sporterized '03-A3 in .308 Norma Mag. I used to think it was an uncommon caliber, until I found this forum. Traded in my 10/22 on it. Dumb move! Should have kept the 10/22. The 03-A3's action is a Smith-Corona and the .308 Norma was stretching it. Back when those parts were still somewhat available I had it put back to .30-06, and haven't shot it much since.

Found a .375 Win M94, those aren't all that common. Wish that I could shoot std. .38-55 in it. The original intent was to find one of the .38-55 Commemoratives as a shooter.

Likely the oddest is my .30 Carbine Blackhawk. Not an uncommon caliber, or an uncommon firearm, but put the two together and it's pretty uncommon. Those of you who like fireballs at the muzzle need to get one!
I have both 375 and 38-55. You can use 38 55 brass to load 375. It actually works better than 375. You can also easily make brass out of 30 30 brass.

ThiS should help a lot.

I like off beat cartridges. 17 Fireball, 22 Hornet, 7x57 7x57R, 38-55, 375 Win, 7x65R, 405 Winchester (this one is actually the hardest to find brass for) and a 32 flintlock squirrel gun.
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Here's a few oddballs or obsolete I shoot & or load for.
Winchester Mdl 65 - 218 Bee
Browning Mdl 71 - 348 Winchester
Parker Hale Custom Enfield - 38-55 Winchester.
Ruger Blackhawk - 357 Maximum
Custom 03-A3 - 338-06AI
AR - 277 Wolverine
Custom Mark X - 358 Norma Mag
Winchester 1890 - 22WRF
Winchester 1903 - 22 Winchester Auto
Winchester 95 - 35 Winchester
Marlin 94 - 32 H&R Mag
Winchester 92 - 38-40
Winchester 1907 - 351 SLR