Favorite loads for .280AI, .30-06 and .300 Win Mag

I don't run a 280ai...
I do however run a 30-06 and a 300win
30-06 -- 165 Hornady interlock/ Winchester brass/ 57 Imr 4350/ 215 ... usually good for a bit over 2800 fps and an inch at 200 unless there's an issue with the rifle- that load has done that for me in 4 rifles already

300win -- 165 Hornady interlock/ Winchester brass/ 78 rl22/ 215... good for around 3250 fps ambient temp..
180 Hornady interlock/ Winchester brass/ 84 Retumbo/ 215 ... good for 3200 fps in my brother's old Ruger... haven't chrono's it in my rifle yet.
200 eld-x /Winchester or Norma brass/ 73 v565/ 215... good for close to 2900 fps... You can sub out v570 and add a grain or so till you hit pressure...
Looking to see what everyone else is shooting! Share you favorite loads for .280 AI, .3006 and .300 Win Mag here.

I am currently fine tuning .280AI for 140 Nosler BT, Peterson brass, CCI200 and 60 gr of H4831. I will also be working a load up with 140 accubond and possibly 140 partitions as well

My current loads for 3006 are 180 gr Woodleigh RN and IMR4350 in Rem brass and CCI200 as well as Norma Oryx in the same weight with same components. Great deer killer. I am thinking about testing some random bullets I have lying around including 150 and 165 GMX, 165 Trophy Bonded Bearclaw, and 150/165 gr Fusions.

300 Win Mag I am continuing load development but I hope to find something in the 180 class for a mountain rifle I just picked up off the classifieds.
Looking for a 300 WM load? Just mine, and has worked for me for years. With Many Elk down, with one shot!
H-1000 (79.5) gr. CCI LRM Primers. With Hornaday SST 180 gr SPBT. AND WITH EVERY-OTHER BRASS I COULD FIND. For they all seemed to work about the same. Longest Elk kill = some 800 yds. One shot, one kill!


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My 20 Inch barrel 30 -06 really likes 55.5 grns of IMR 4350 . Lots of small groups with holes touching . My deer load for that rifle is actually 55.7 grns IMR 4350 with the 165 grn Horn SST ., Win LR Primers . 2606 to 2620fps from Lab Radar . Not taken a deer yet, but Ill post once I do
For years I hunted with a 30-06 loaded 165gr part.with 59gr 4350 fps?
1979 switched to a 7mmRem 79gr H870 3050 fps.(switched to RL22 when could not get H870 any longer.
Bought a 300 Win for Alaska used 22 in it was getting over 3000.(don't use it much,but loaded 180gr Part.)
Used RL 25 in both 7&300 for awhile.
Now use RL26 in the 7 mm 67.4gr behind 155gr Federal Terminal Ascent 3100fps thats the main hunting rifle!
Can't get the powder or the bullets,but lucky ,was able couple years ago to buy 100 bullets and several lbs powder from a guy that was sick!
Don't target shoot those,shooting 145gr & 143 HH infront of 7828!
I have a couple 280AI and have been loading for them since 2010. All loads out of 24” barrels. My chamber is a custom throat with more FB so don’t use these loads in a standard chamber as they will almost certainly put you way over pressure.
* 180g VLDH, 58.8g RL23, F210M, Peterson. 2920fps
* 168g VLDH, 61.1g RL23, F210M, Peterson. 3020fps (another node at 2960fps using 59.3g).

Have also used H4831sc successfully for accurate loads with 160g range of projectiles. Very accurate but velocities in the mid 2800 range.
In my old custom 280 Ackley I’m shooting 168 VLDs in Nosler brass with Fed 210 primers and Norma MRP @ 2975 fps and 131 Hammer Hunters, same brass/F215 primers with H4831 @ 3243 fps…. both loads shoot well under 1/2”.
In my new Cooper 280 Ackley I’m still tweaking a load with 145 Hammer HHTs, F 215s, Petersen brass, and IMR4831 @ 3150….hopping to bust 3200…..shooting 1/2” groups! I tried RL23 but couldn’t get enough powder in due to detachable magazine length….having to seat bullet too deep!


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30-06. My Rem 700 likes 60.5 grns H4350 in W-W or Hornady brass, 150 SGK lit with a Federal 215 magnum primer. 3004 fps, 1/2” groups, low sd’s and es, and hammers whitetails. Haven’t been able to duplicate it with Lapua brass yet but still working on it.
Of the 3, I only have the .300 Win-mag. Browning X-bolt Max, 26" 1-8 twist barrel. Nosler custom brass, Federal 215M primers, Reloder 26 (74.4 gr and no pressure signs over last 3 years even though max load.), Hornady 220 gr. ELD-X bullet averaging 2999fps. I worked up to this load so don't copy as every rifle is different and may show pressure signs earlier. I still watch mine after every firing, but this has been the most accurate load for me.
280 AI= 56g of IMR 7828 long cut, Federal 210 for the bug hole, 175g Nosler LRAB(sorted by ogive length and seated darn near touching the lands, and 175g Berger. Both of these bullets with this load shoots in the very low 3's with #5 contours.

30/06= 57-57.5g of IMR or H4350, 165g Hornady Interlock, 180g Nosler ballistic tip, darn near same load of AA4350 as the 165 in Win brass only. 155g Berger vld hunting, max load of R#22 with CCI 250 = 3050 fps with unbelievable accuracy.

300WM= 180g Nosler ballistic tip or accubond, 75-75.5g of R#22 with Fed 215 in Rem bass
I am running 143 Hammer Hunters in my 280AI with 60 grains of RL23 and Federal 210M Primers. I am getting about 3250 with this load from a 26" tube and it has been great on deer and antelope. My grandson uses it and he has not had the pleasure of taking an elk with it yet but it shoots the hammer's into 1/2-3/4 MOA all a day long. It is one of my favorite rifles to shoot.

I don't have a 30-06 so I cannot speak to that one but I load 181 Hammers in my 300 Win mag. I am using 78 grains of H1000 and they shoot great right about 3100 FPS. Federal 215M Primers.

These are my loads and they shoot well in my rifles. I see no signs of pressure but please use caution when using someone else load data! Start low and work up! Good Luck.