Falcon optics


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Oct 30, 2008
Have read about them, did a search and cannot seem to find many links to where a person can purchase one. Anyone know of a few places that carry them.
the link you provided goes to Matt Wonders site. He also sells his own brand.
As good as Falcon optics are they only come with a 5 year warrantee.
All Of Matt's scopes come with a life time warrantee.
I have two of his scopes and they track true and repetable all the away to 1000 yards and back in field conditions.

Food for thought.
I read all of the reviews on snipercentral and snipershide and figured I'd try one. Looked like a great ffp scope for the money.
I finally decided to try one ,the 4-14x44FFP, and it looked great when I got it.
Took it out of the box ,rotated the power knob 5 or 6 times,and clunk
couldn't see the reticle any more.

I sent it back and didn't get a replacement, got a refund.
I just can't trust it in the field after that happened.
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