factory 6.5mm cartridges?

Dr. John

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Apr 11, 2002
something I just noticed. appears to me from reading on these forums that the 6.5mm bullet is outstanding for long range target/hunting. why is it that the manufacturers have not caught on to this. there was the 6.5mm win mag (now almost impossible to get), 6.5 swede and 260 rem (both on the lighter side). we have been getting more developments in the 30cal, 7mm, 243, and 223 than we can handle. would be nice if someone would put out a nice magnum 6.5mm. or is there one available that I don't know of yet? (6.5-284, 6.5-300)
oops, 264 win mag not 6.5 win mag. deh

I did notice on Accurate reloading website that the 6.5x55 could be loaded pretty hot as compared to the original loads. if loaded hot in a new rifle how would this perform as compared to lets say 6.5-284?
Depending on the barrel and length, performance will be very close. There are many who compete with the AI version of the Swede and say it works great. Brass is excellent (Norma/Lapua). Just the bolt face is a bit different so many go with the 284.

I have been playing with a 6.5 on a modified '08 case I call the mystic. It gets close to 2800fps in a 25" barrel with 140gr SST. Not bad for a small case.

For really LR hunting, you want as much vel and bullet weight you can get.

There is a perception in the marketing depts that NA hunters don't like the 6.5. That is why little effort is made there. However, since it is such a major player in match shooting, there are lots of bullets now.

Best choices are going to be 142gr MK, 139Lapua, and 140gr SST/Amax. At this time the SST is the longest bullet in this class and should have the highest BC. My testing showed that it is capable of shooting in the 1's. Not bad for a hunting bullet. I would guesstimate BC at close to 0.7.

Anyone else want to help me test the SST's?

Hi Dr John,
if you are looking for 6.5, that old 6.5 rem. could also be an answer (remington is launching its guide gun in that calibre as well, but of course it is a belted case.) This side of the atlantic, we have the 6.5x57 Mauser, and the 6.5x68mm with brass available at RWS.But they might not be as efficient as a 6.5 WSM of some sort.
Just bringing water to the mill...

Good shooting.
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