F class and my critter gitter


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Dec 11, 2008
Jacksonville NC
This past weekend I shot in my first F class match. I must say that trying to hit a 3 inch cirlcle from 600 yards in the wind is great practice for trying to hit the vitals of a game animal at range. I had way to much fun. I now have the confidence that my critter gitter will get the job done. Now I just need practice and more practice.

For what its worth the load I shot was a 50 grain vmax bullet backed by 25 grains of powder. Its COAL is 2.326. This little pill love to be pushed hard.

I can't wait untill the 2010 season. Nothing like trying to hit a something the size of a jar lid to practice for varmint hunting.
f-class is a blast as long as you do not take it too seriously. It can become a lot of work and a pain. Just do it for the enjoyment and the practice and it is a great helper in preparing you to make long range shots on animals.
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