F class and muzzle brakes


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Dec 11, 2008
Jacksonville NC
As we all know, NRA sanctioned high power rifle matches do not allow muzzle brakes. Does anyone know of any F class style matches ( they would most likely be non sanctioned matches) where a muzzle brake would be allowed. I want to put a brake on my gun. I also want to use it for both long range hunting and the occasional rifle competition. I am not really interested in the piratical rifle matches that cater to real world save your bacon shooting. Got enough of that on active duty. I am interested in the F class type of matches. So an f class type of match that would allow a brake would be right up my way. If that match is in southern California it would be perfect.
There are plenty of "practice" matches and practice days where breaks are allowed. You need to ask the various people running the matches in your area.

We run a pratice palma match at my range (2nd sunday of every month) and we have guys showing up with 338LM, 338 edge, supressed 308s, etc. No muzzle breaks allowed in the regular matches.

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