muzzle brake

  1. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Shot Caller Self timing Brakes Shot caller Gen2 Brakes on sale now. These are highly effective brakes! Our 90 degree oversized rear port does a fantastic job blocking the two front 30 degree ports from giving you that “punched in the nose” feeling. 5/8x...
  2. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED Muzzle Brakes. 30 cal and 6.5mm VG6 precision Lambda and Gamma

    I've got three brand new brakes from VG6 Precision. I have two 6.5mm Lambda brakes. Asking $110 $95 each/shipped and insured. I also have a VG6 Precision Gamma brake, also 6.5mm. Asking $70 $60 shipped/insured Lastly I've got a used 30 cal brake. This came with a used barrel I bought so I...
  3. M

    Muzzlebrake on muzzleloader?

    Hey y’all, I recently acquired a Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader, and after a bit of range time am pretty satisfied overall with it. However, at max charge with 4 pellets of 777, my shoulder is less than satisfied to say the least. I took it to my gunsmith and he was a little apprehensive about...
  4. RIGOR

    BERGARA B14- Terminator muzzle brake

    TERMINATOR MUZZLE BRAKES ARE EVERYTHING THEY SAY THEY ARE. Recoil mitigation in long range shooting is an importantant factor to consider so i did my homework. Hearing protection non negotiable
  5. D

    Inconsistent rifle due to recoil/muzzle climb

    lookong for some thoughts, ideas, suggestions on this. Here is the set up: Savage 116 McGowan sporter barrel .280ai, 1:9 twist BC sporter stock Loads: 160AB, 168vld, 162 eldx I put this gun together for a mid-weight hunting gun. It weighs just under 8lbs. The issue is that the muzzle climb...
  6. 65WSM

    SOLD/EXPIRED Harrells Tuner Muzzle Brake

    Harrell's “Tuner” Muzzle Brake. 0.985 outside of brake body (where the vent holes are). I am unsure of the thread and pitch. The minimum inside diameter of the treads is 0.580 inch. It was installed on a “Heavy Varmint” contour barrel. It was installed on a .22 wildcat barrel. I wore out the...
  7. Sbrien777

    American Precision Arms Group Buy 30% off

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this or not, but thought I would give it a shot. Seeing if there is any fellow shooters in the market for some goodies. I could use a few things if we can get some people together. Here's the link.
  8. W

    Reverse thread muzzle brake on 300rum???

    Well after much frustration with removing my muzzle brake I cut it off today only to find it was reverse thread and soldered at end. I would have never thought that would be possible, but now the bigger question is how do I fix it? I want a removable brake
  9. R

    F class and muzzle brakes

    As we all know, NRA sanctioned high power rifle matches do not allow muzzle brakes. Does anyone know of any F class style matches ( they would most likely be non sanctioned matches) where a muzzle brake would be allowed. I want to put a brake on my gun. I also want to use it for both long range...

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