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  1. Spotter's Signature

    Muzzle brake - does one like this exist?

    Gentlemen, I've been searching and discussing this to no avail. Briefly, I'm looking for a muzzle brake with the following specs; please recommend something if you are familiar with the product or know of something that satisfies what I need. I'd appreciate a reference to a thread here if I...
  2. specter29

    SOLD/EXPIRED Brand New Custom 6mm Creedmoor, Origin short Action, Proof Barrel, KRG Chassis, Hellfire muzzle brake

    Brand new Full Custom 6mm Creedmoor Never fired. 1 in 7 twist 22" Proof Competition Contour Barrel .184 Freebore 5/8"-24 threaded barrel with Hellfire self timing muzzle brake. Origin Short action. Also comes with magnum bolt face. KRG Bravo stock with LOP Spacer kit, Tool-less buttpad height...
  3. Cfshooter

    SOLD/EXPIRED Muzzle Brake 6.5mm Fat Bastard (price update)

    1- Gen 2 Fat Bastard brake 6.5 mm, 5/8-24 threads-$80 shipped. (Used) 1- SOLD Dead Air Keymo brake .308, 5/8-24 threads - $60 shipped. (Used)
  4. S

    3 Different Silencerco Muzzle Devices for QD Suppressor or Standalone

    Selling off a surplus of muzzle devices I've switched suppressors around on and won't use. First is a used Silencerco 30 cal/7.62 single port muzzle brake threaded 5/8-24 used for about 25 shots of 300 blk subsonic, part number AC2627 found here...
  5. adams

    BUYER: A

  6. C

    Griffin Paladin 2-port brake 5/8x24 - $75 Shipped

    For sale is a lightly used Griffin Paladin 2-port brake with 5/8x24 threads. Had this mounted on my rifle for about 50 rounds. Little bit of residue on it from last time I cleaned my barrel. Functions flawlessly. I used this with a Griffin Plan A mount in a YHM suppressor. Only selling because I...
  7. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED Area 419 Hellfire brake and PVA Jet Blast muzzle brake 6.5mm self timing

    SPF Ive got a 6.5mm self timing Jet Blast muzzle brake from Patriot Valley Arms for sale. It was only used for 2 matches before being taken off the rifle. Asking $90 shipped/insured. I've also got an Area 419 Hellfire self timing muzzle brake in 6.5mm. This one will need area 419's "Hellfire...
  8. R

    Self timing barrel tuner muzzle brake

    This is the self timing barrel tuner muzzle brake from without warning, the tmb. How many people are playing with tuners like this on their precision rifles?
  9. 300lightweight

    Sako 85 Carbon Wolf

    Hi! Just ordered a Carbon Wolf in .270 win. Unfortunately 6 months delivery time.... In the mean time, figuring out the final setup. Anyone with experiance with that gun? Looking for a bipod for prone and possibly sitting positions. Anyone with experiance of a good one? I also want to be able to...
  10. moa_shooter

    NWP muzzle brakes

    Hey everyone i just bought a NWP NoTimer Muzzle Brake. And i was wondering if anyone has ever had first hands experience? To me they look like they would work better than a Spiral muzzle brake any one know if they do? For anyone asking why i chose this brake its because i don't have any...
  11. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Shot Caller Self timing Brakes Shot caller Gen2 Brakes on sale now. These are highly effective brakes! Our 90 degree oversized rear port does a fantastic job blocking the two front 30 degree ports from giving you that “punched in the nose” feeling. 5/8x...
  12. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED Muzzle Brakes. 30 cal and 6.5mm VG6 precision Lambda and Gamma

    I've got three brand new brakes from VG6 Precision. I have two 6.5mm Lambda brakes. Asking $110 $95 each/shipped and insured. I also have a VG6 Precision Gamma brake, also 6.5mm. Asking $70 $60 shipped/insured Lastly I've got a used 30 cal brake. This came with a used barrel I bought so I...
  13. M

    Muzzlebrake on muzzleloader?

    Hey y’all, I recently acquired a Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader, and after a bit of range time am pretty satisfied overall with it. However, at max charge with 4 pellets of 777, my shoulder is less than satisfied to say the least. I took it to my gunsmith and he was a little apprehensive about...
  14. RIGOR

    BERGARA B14- Terminator muzzle brake

    TERMINATOR MUZZLE BRAKES ARE EVERYTHING THEY SAY THEY ARE. Recoil mitigation in long range shooting is an importantant factor to consider so i did my homework. Hearing protection non negotiable
  15. D

    Inconsistent rifle due to recoil/muzzle climb

    lookong for some thoughts, ideas, suggestions on this. Here is the set up: Savage 116 McGowan sporter barrel .280ai, 1:9 twist BC sporter stock Loads: 160AB, 168vld, 162 eldx I put this gun together for a mid-weight hunting gun. It weighs just under 8lbs. The issue is that the muzzle climb...
  16. 65WSM

    SOLD/EXPIRED Harrells Tuner Muzzle Brake

    Harrell's “Tuner” Muzzle Brake. 0.985 outside of brake body (where the vent holes are). I am unsure of the thread and pitch. The minimum inside diameter of the treads is 0.580 inch. It was installed on a “Heavy Varmint” contour barrel. It was installed on a .22 wildcat barrel. I wore out the...
  17. Sbrien777

    American Precision Arms Group Buy 30% off

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this or not, but thought I would give it a shot. Seeing if there is any fellow shooters in the market for some goodies. I could use a few things if we can get some people together. Here's the link.
  18. W

    Reverse thread muzzle brake on 300rum???

    Well after much frustration with removing my muzzle brake I cut it off today only to find it was reverse thread and soldered at end. I would have never thought that would be possible, but now the bigger question is how do I fix it? I want a removable brake
  19. R

    F class and muzzle brakes

    As we all know, NRA sanctioned high power rifle matches do not allow muzzle brakes. Does anyone know of any F class style matches ( they would most likely be non sanctioned matches) where a muzzle brake would be allowed. I want to put a brake on my gun. I also want to use it for both long range...