My Son Want to Shoot F-Class


Nov 16, 2003
My son ( age 10 ) wants to shoot in an F-Class match. I found him a 223 but needed a stock with a short lenght of pull, so I called my friends at Bell & Carlson........

I end up with a stock with a 12.75" LOP and a new SpiderWeb finish : Black with Tan SpiderWeb.
This is not an optional finish yet. The the folks at B&C would like some feedback on the finish. So, do you like the Black/Tan finish?

The stock just came in. We mounted it on his rifle and let him shoot a few rounds this afternoon. There is still a little work that needs done to get the rifle set up, but it is coming together. We still have a few weeks untill the next F-Class match, so there is time.





Looks good , BUT , get him an adjustable cheek unit or the hightech stuff that the Marines use (foam and duct tape) to get his head in the correct posotion and his hand where it needs to be , a solid cheek weld is a big help is shooting consistanly.

Thise groups look promissing though especialy from factory ammo.

What the rate of twist in that barrel? If its slower than 1-9 then he may have some trouble at long range due to the lighter bullet not doing as well in the wind at long range. Its a hell of a start though , let him get used to it and them screw on a better barrel.

What are you shooting in these matches?? and where are yall shooting
Looks good, but you should of pulled the strings harder and had them make it from one of the A-5's, I wish they made it for Savage's. Get him a bi pod with a set of Pod Paws so your son will be shooting in the right Class with that thing, no need in competing in Open Class, F/TR is the way to go.
By the way, when are you getting more Rifle Basix triggers in for Savages.

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Looks like Bill and that young shooter who won last week better tighten up. I last match attended but realized after 3 shots that my load was way off. I knew that would probably be the case since I switched lots of powder because I ran out and didnt have time to adjust the load. So I just pulled targets the rest of the day. We had a lot of fun.

He may want to try F-open those guys are really shooting good in F-TR. I am trying to move into FTR for the stiffer competition.

Don't forget they are having prizes next match....but then again you know that as Shooters Discount is on of the sponsers.

I want to talk one of yall out of those barreled actions yall have in out in the shop....or at least bring them over and get them ready to go to work. Yall have access to my equipment and I have a pretty good 308 reamer.

I'm going to put a different scope on the rifle. That 50mm bell has his head to high. I have a nice scope with a 40mm bell that will soon be on the rifle.

He is shooting 68g bullets in a 1:9 barrel.

I've been shooting a stock FN PBR, 308, 20" barrel. I've got some actions just waiting for a build.....someday.....

We are shooting in 600 yard matches in SW Mississippi, 70 miles South of Jackson.


He will have a bi-pod soon. We have been talking a lot with B&C about new Savage stocks.

Savage triggers are available, link: Shooters Discount, Inc.


I wondered why you did not finish the match last weekend. We were working at our deer camp the day of the match, lots of hurricane clean up to do.

Can we get together one afternoon and shoot? I would like my son to shoot at a longer range to make sure his bullets do not start doing funny things at long range.

We keep talking about finishing one of the actions. The Rem 700 barreled action has already been worked over. I can't remember what has been done to another 700 action. We have a Savage just waiting on us to do something with.

Outstanding !!! , thats greta , I bet he is totaly hooked now.

Where did yall shoot?

It was fine weather today for doing anything outside especialy spending time with your son , I played socker , football , and workedout all day with my 4yr old.
That is great WTG. I wanted very much to be there, but the wife brought a little something home from schhool to me. I have been been hugging the porcilin throne a good part of the last 2 days.
That looks like a ton of fun. I have a 9 year old boy. I just started him on a Savage 93 17HMR. We have a ways to go before we think of something like f class. That is a goal though.

Way to go.
Excellent shooting! I hope he keeps up the interest in the sport and passes the passion on to some of his friends.

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Getting my son's getting ready for F-Class has helped his shooting. We got his deer rifle out this afternoon to check the Zero. He shot only 3 rounds and we called it good. This is the best group he has ever shot with his hunting rifle, a Remington Model 7 in 243 topped with a Leupold compact 3-9.

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