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Oct 30, 2012
Hey guys I am finishing up my AICS 300wm build in the next ten days and it is my first gun in the caliber. I am southerner who likes to travel all over and take the longest shots on game my gear and skill will allow me. I target shoot all summer and LRH all fall and winter. Down south those shots are usually not over 700 yards or so unless you get some power line stuff going.

I thought I would open a discussion in everything revolving around the 300 to help me keep an eye out for good gear, tricks of the trade of the round, limitations, bullet types, successes, shooting method, Etc etc. I want to be a master of my new caliber and platform before I head to the Coastal Plains of California to join the 1000 yard club on a big Cali pig.

I appreciate any insight! Thanks!

Here is one you may enjoy reading. I am a huge fan of the 300 win. I have shot mine past a mile on rocks many times. The 210 Berger has been my bullet of choice for years and it has stacked up tons of game animals. But this year I wanted to test the new 215 Berger Hybrid. To me the results were awesome in both accuracy and terminal performance. It is a rather long thread and the testing on game is late in the thread with numerous one shot kills from 200 yards to 1285 and from antelope to elk.



I USE 72.5 OF RE-22 AND 210 BERGER for long range . lapua brass. wlrm primer. plenty of other good combos though. i have found the 300 wm one of the easiest to get a good load for.
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