EMP and gun safes


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Sep 30, 2004
If you're like many people, you have chosen to purchase a gun safe to keep your guns and valuables secure in your home. But in the event of a national emergency, like an EMP attack, if you have an electronic lock on your safe, you might not be able to open it. This would definitely be a time where you might need to access cash that you have stashed away for an emergency because ATMs are likely to be rendered useless. Plus, you'll want to be able to access your guns to protect your family and home if needed. So, what can you do?
Mechanical lock safes are difficult to find these days. Sure you can special order a safe with one, but finding one locally is tough. I have been struggling with space recently in my old safe.

I can’t remember the exact method I used to determine the lock needed for my relatively new (5 years old) Big Horn…but, it wasn’t difficult to order the aforementioned Sargent & Greenleaf! memtb
One mechanical, one electronic here. The mechanical has all the guns, the electronic all the paperwork.
Also have a ton of old school stuff (generators, welders, etc) that is EMP proof, and a lead lined case for sensitive electronics like bugout communications.
Still need to get an old, 70's diesel.
One Second After gave me nightmares.