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Feb 4, 2009
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Electronic calls for coyotes

Anyone have an opinions on Kanati-tek Px2 power series electronic call?
What would you recommend for coyotes?
I always just make my own.
You can pick up the stuff to make them for under $50 bucks at Radio Shack. You can even pick up a cheap kit to make it wireless. I just use my MP3 player as a source.

You can get a cheap Nady wireless guitar system to use for a remote. They say they're good to 250' or so, but I never tried that far. The receiver takes a little creative electrical work to power it with a battery. I've gotten to the point that I just edit my MP3s so that I have a couple minutes of silence at the beginning of the track to get situated, and set it to play just one track. If my track is 20-ish minutes it works fine.
Foxpro is the only way to go. If money is the problem the Foxpro just came out with the Spitfire. It is $199 just about anywhere you find it. I just added one to my tool box this week.
If you have the money then get a fox pro. I bought a FX3 last year and have no complaints. If you are short on cash then your next best bet is a Johnny Stewart PM-4. I have noticed that with an FX3 I haved called in more bobcats in my area that I previously did with the JS PM-3? JS PM -3 is the non wireless version. Go wireless if you can afford to. The good thing about a foxpro is you can download MP3 sounds and the JS you cannot. The other draw back is the limited sounds of the JS e-call. JS e-call does work with the sounds available. BUT sooner or later the coyotes or whatever you are calling will have heard the same sound again and get smart to the same sound and not respond. So downloading new sounds is a plus. Sounds from FOXPRO run about 5$ a call or you can find free downloadable sounds on the internet. If your are looking for something with volume you might want to stay away from FOXPRO Scorpion. My buddy bought one and at the extreme end of hi volume the speaker does not sound as good. So if you live in a windy area get something with a horn speaker. The JS E-call does have another fault and that is the speaker wire. Mine broke and became exposed from rolling up the wire so often. My buddies did the same thing. Easy fix though. The power dogg from Primos is not that good. My other buddy bought one and is not happy with it. I heard it one day we took it out and it does not sound good. Cass Creek is ok at lower volume but not at higher volume. They now have a horn speaker for extra clarity at higher volume. See the trend? If all else fails you still have your mouth calls and just do a lil more practice. No batteries to worry about dying or losing a sound card!Well good luck and hope the info helps?
Bought the FX3 this morning, took it out this afternoon and called in two yotes...............Next to my guns it's the best money I've spent on hunting equipment, love the wireless remote! You won't have any regrets at all.
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