Eberlestock J 107 M big mouth pack


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Oct 5, 2010
Glendale & Roosevelt az
Anybody have this pack ? Pro's and con's. Looking to buy one. Need to carry large rifle(14 lbs with bi-pod and nightforce) and be able to pack equipment 1n and meat out. Thanks Dan
I had a Eberlestock pack and sold it. They have a non functional load lifter system and are heavy packs. The pack had considerable sway when packing heavy loads because of the scabbard system between the main frame and the pack compartment. I went with a Kuiu Ultra 6000 and love it. It has a system for carrying a rifle on the side of the pack. With the weight savings on the Ultra, my pack, sleeping bag and tent weigh less than my old Eberlestock alone. The Kuiu Ultra series also get's a lot of criticism but I really like it.
The Kuiu Ultra is a good pack and works as described. If you want another good option then go with a Kifaru, specifically the Mountain rambler if you want a scabbard and a great way to pack meat.
I used the J 107 on a sheep hunt in Alaska. It worked fine for me. I packed a sheep out and had no problems.
I use the Kifaru EMR ll for anything over 4days works great, also the Crew Cab by Mystery Ranch for weekend hunts both packs can handle heavy loads with ease and comfort. My brother owns a Just One pack and I only heard him complain about the fit.. I believe that's where Kifaru excels. Give them a call they will explain their packs and how to fit one. Not to mention endless options for frames
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